Sunday, April 4, 2010

BFL...Where Have You Gone?!?

Ah, life...a wonderful thing filled with joy, heartache, work and relaxation.
Did I mention work? A lot of work. Sometimes work overtakes pleasure. In my case, work overtook my updating and maintaining the BFL site and compressed my free time into periods fraught with opportunity costs. Do I update the BFL site? Do I attend a real football game? Do I paint minis for Blood Bowl or one of the myriad other games that I play? Or do I actually play the games that I love?!? Tough choices.

When push came to shove, I chose the latter.

So the big questions:
Does BFL still exist??? An emphatic YES!

How did the Fall 2008 season end?
I will tell that tale in a future posting from ex-Commissioner Davesh. ;-)

Was there a 2009 season?
Yes! Mike Praw's Chaos Dwarf team, different from his 2008 Chaos Dwarf team, won the Bloodlust Cup. There's a photo of the proud champion somewhere...

Will there be a 2010 season?
Yes! The 2010 season will start May 2010. The playoffs and championship game will be held the second week of August 2010.

Where will the 2010 season be held?
Hypermind in Burlington, N.C. is still the home for the Bloodlust Football League. There are friends/players, however, that live in Raleigh, N.C., and they have expressed interest in joining. Could this lead to a two store/two division league? Very possibly.

So after a work-induced hiatus, I post again.
BFL is alive and well...and most importantly, BFL is back!
Stay tuned for new messages from ex-Commissioner Davesh.